Rainforest or Rainforest or Broadleaf Forest

Rainforest or Rainforest or Broadleaf Forest

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The rainforest is situated in the intertropical region. The largest area is the Amazon, the second in the East Indies and the smallest in the Congo Basin (Africa).

The energy supply is abundant and rainfall is regular and abundant, exceeding 3,000 mm per year. The main feature of the rainforest is its stratification. The upper part is formed by trees that reach 40 m in height, forming a thick canopy of branches and leaves. At the top the temperature is high and dry.

Under this cover there is another layer of trees, which reach 20 m in height, others at 10 m and 5 m in height.

This medium stratum is warm, darker and wetter, with little vegetation. The middle stratum is characterized by the presence of vines and epiphytes. The diversity of plant and animal species is very large.